Basic Scholarship Stipulations

The scholarship is open to incoming sophomore student(s) wish to acquire a degree in Bachelor of ___________but do not have the means to do so. The grant will cover tuition and miscellaneous fees for three years. The scholarship shall be known as ___________________________

  1. To qualify for the scholarship, the grantee must meet the following requirements:
  2. An entering second year college student.
  3. Must have a Cumulative quality point average of at least 2.75 with no grade below 2.0.
  4. The joint annual income of parents preferably must not exceed two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P250,000.00).
  5. Not a recipient of other scholarship grants.
  6. Of good moral character and does not have any disciplinary records.
  7. Carries full academic load for each semester.
  8. Willing to render 80 volunteer work hours per semester in the university offices.
    To continue availing of the scholarship, the grantee must:
  • maintain a TQPA (Term Quality Point Average) of 3.0 for with no grade below 2.0
  • maintain a good standing and conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations and policies of the Institution
  • have not shifted to another course
  • continues to carry full academic load
    The grant shall be discontinued upon the occurrence of the following:
  1. the scholar fails to meet any of the above stated requirements
  2. the scholar is found guilty of misconduct or misdemeanor in any manner, under rules and regulations and policies of the Institution
  3. the scholar obtains any other grant
  4. the scholar is no longer financially under privileged
  5. The scholar shall be evaluated continuously at the end of every semester to ascertain whether or not she/she shall continue to qualify as a grantee.
  6. Scholarship is subject to renewal every semester.


  1. The applicants are required to submit the following documents upon application for scholarship tothe Student Scholarship and Aid Division(SSAD):
  1. Accomplished application form (available at the SSAD office or can be downloaded from the SU Website)
  2. Letter of endorsement from the Dean of the College of ____________,
  3. Grade certification from the College of ___________ reflecting the Cumulative quality point average of the applicant, with accompanying printout of grades since entering ۲Ƶ University
  4. Latest Income Tax return (ITR) of both parents or a certification as non-filer from the local BIR for both parents.
  5. Recommendation letters from two (2) uninterested reliable persons from his/her community but not politicians and relatives stating the economic   condition of the family.
  6. The applicant will undergo a screening procedure which includes evaluation of the documents submitted and interview with three (3) members of the Student Aid Committee.
  7. After the SAC has conducted the screening and selection of the applicants, the SAC will endorsed the chosen recipient to  the University Scholarship Committee for approval and confirmation.
  8. The scholar shall sign the Scholarship Agreement.
  9. The recipient is required to acknowledge receipt of the grant through a written expression of gratitude to the donor and an autobiography(for the first semester) at the end of each semester.
  10. The institution shall provide the donor with annual report of the scholarship grant.