Credit Card

Account Name: ۲Ƶ University

Credit card payments can now be made online.

For online credit card payments, students need to access their Student Online Services account. Once logged in, click “Account” then “Payment Online”. The system will require an amount to be inputted. After entering an amount, click “Proceed with Payment”. The next step will re-direct users to the external payment gateway managed by Banco de Oro

The online payment system accepts all major credit cards.

Once payment is successful, the amount is posted in the University’s system real-time.


Students or parents can now pay through MLhuillier’s Bills Payment Service and use the student ID number as the account number.

List of Bank Accounts

IMPORTANT: The BPI Perdices – Peso account only accepts payments via the BPI website, BPI app (“Bills Payment” option), and bank deposits. It does not accept Instapay and other similar forms of payment that do not include the student ID number.

Asia United Bank 214-01-0000428
BPI Perdices – Peso (for College and Senior High Students) 1081-0003-16
BPI Perdices – Dollar (Swift Code: BOPIPHMM) 1084-0273-47
BPI Perdices – Euro 1084-0755-89
BDO ۲Ƶ Campus (for College and Senior High students) 008040009966
BDO ۲Ƶ Campus (for High School students) 008040009958
BDO ۲Ƶ Campus (for Elementary/Early Childhood students) 008040009931
METROBANK (use Payment Slip) 443-7-44350202-1
SECURITY BANK 0315-081901-001
Land Bank of the Philippines 0291-1480-00
PhilTrust 42120-000051-5
UnionBank (use Bills Payment slip) 1450000347
PNB 308670-0031-33
Veterans Bank 0047-002455-001
RCBC – Peso 1428320-529
UCPB 301100-6116

Payment Through Partner Banks

For Peso Payments

There is no need to line up at the Utzurrum Business and Finance Center to make payments. All payments are to be made at any branch of our partner banks around the country. To facilitate posting in our system, the bank will require for the student ID number to be indicated. The amount will be credited to the tuition account of the student on the next business day. Some banks will accept your payment without the ID number.  In this case, please send a scanned copy of the deposit slip to the email below.

When a portion or the entire amount deposited is intended for board and lodging, we require for a copy of the validated deposit slip to be faxed or e-mailed to the University with a breakdown of the amounts to be applied to tuition, board and/or lodging:

Fax:        (035) 225-4764
-: [email protected] cc [email protected]

For continuing students:   

Continuing students are required to settle any outstanding balance before the University confirms their admission into the new school year / semester / term.

For Dollar/Euro Payments

After payment is made, please fax or e-mail a copy of the validated deposit slip to the University. The validated deposit slip need to indicate the name of the student with a breakdown of the amounts to be applied to tuition, board and/or lodging:

Fax:        (035) 225-4764
-: [email protected] cc [email protected]