Enrollment Flow for Incoming First Year College Students

Step 1

Read the admission requirements listed at /admissions/admission-procedures/

Submit the admission requirements (and specific requirements for your desired program, if applicable) by uploading them as PDF files here:

  • If you have previously enrolled at ۲Ƶ University (Early Childhood School, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School), please fill out this link:

Please make sure to have a COMPLETE GRADE 12 REPORT CARD (i.e. First Semester & Second Semester) before applying for online admission.

Step 2
An email containing the Applicant’s verification code and a link to the Status Page will be sent. The Status Page will serve as a guide where progress of applicants can be monitored. The Office of the Registrar and Admissions will assess the qualifications of applicants based on the information provided and the requirements of the preferred course.

Step 3

After submitting the requirements, pay the down payment of Php5,000 (this applies to all programs except Medical School). Payment can be done at any of the branches of our partner banks (click the link to view a list of partner banks: /costs/payment/). These banks will require the ID number of the student to ensure a quick posting in our system. This enables our system to credit the amount against the account of the student. For payments made without the ID number, we request that the validated slip be scanned and sent to us, along with a note on (a) name of the student and (b) purpose and/or breakdown of payment, to the Student Accounts Officer at [email protected], cc [email protected].

Step 4

All successful applicants are granted access to my۲Ƶ (https://my.su.edu.ph/mysilliman/login.php). The University creates an account for them. They will receive an e-mail containing their log-in details.

Step 5

Once the email is received, all students are required to log in to their my۲Ƶ account where they must monitor the notification that they are “Okay to Enroll”.  When they receive the notification, they must select their preferred tuition payment scheme through their my۲Ƶ account They will also be able to view their class schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar and Admissions in their my۲Ƶ account (for transfer, graduate school, law, and medical school applicants, please refer to your college for your schedule). Please do not edit or delete the subjects assigned to you, rather email the Admissions Office at [email protected] for inquiries.

Step 6

Select a tuition payment scheme by clicking the “PayScheme” tile at the my۲Ƶ homepage. At the PayScheme page, click the “Change Payment Scheme to” dropdown button to choose your preferred payment scheme. Details of your selected payment scheme will appear. Click “I Agree” after reading the undertaking to finalize your preferred scheme. Wait for the page to save your scheme. When done, it will display a notification that your payment scheme has been updated.

Step 7

After choosing a payment scheme, activate your SU email address (ex: [email protected]). Click here for the steps in activating your SU email address: /steps-in-activating-su-email/

Step 8

Activate your mySOUL account at by logging-in using your SU email (click “Log-in via Google”). Click here for a step-by-step guide in activating your mySOUL account: /mysoul-activation/

Step 9

Wait for your virtual classrooms to appear in your mySOUL account. For College & SHS Students, you will see all your virtual classrooms two (2) days before the first day of classes. For SBE students (except SHS), you will see your virtual classrooms one (1) week before the start of the classes. For late enrollees, you will see your virtual classrooms on the next business day after being officially enrolled.

Step 10

Login to mySOUL () and attend your classes as scheduled. Go to to view mySOUL YouTube tutorials, download a user guide, and read the frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can also download the mySOUL mobile app for viewing classroom resources. Click here to know how to download the app: /virtual-classroom-registration/