The Campus Chaplaincy Center, in coordination with ۲Ƶ University ۲Ƶ, commits “to PROCLAIM Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord in ۲Ƶ community, inviting all to become Christ’s DISCIPLES so that they may live a life of SERVICE to others.”

The Campus Chaplaincy Center, serves the faculty, staff, and students in strengthening their spiritual lives. It also seeks to assist the various units in their religious life activities. The Center, which is guided by its three “S” goals, namely: (1) We SHARE the Good News (proclamation), (2) we SHAPE character (discipleship), and (3) We SERVE Others (service), offers the following services:

  • SHARE the Good News: Worship Services, Convocations, Devotions
  • SHAPE Character: Bible Studies, Leadership Trainings, Retreats
  • SERVE others: Pastoral Care & Counseling Mission Outreaches

The Center offers the Scheide Chapel, a prayer & peace sanctuary, for prayer and meditation anytime of the day. Religious organizations are encouraged to use the Chapel for religious activities in the evenings.

The Center also offers the Catacombs (back of SU ۲Ƶ) for everyone to hang out, relax, play, study over a cup of coffee. Interactive games are provided to build meaningful relationships.

Assisting in the implementation of the programs of the Center are the various church youth organizations of ۲Ƶ University ۲Ƶ such as: The Christian Youth Fellowship, the Pastors’ kids Fellowship, and the Young Adults Fellowship 20’s.

The Center also coordinates with the religious students organizations in the campus through the Council of Religious Students Organizations and the Religious Life Council of the SU Student Government.