Going away to college can mean major lifestyle changes for students who are living away from home for the first time. Dormitory living can make the transition easier, combining the opportunity for freedom and fun with reassuring comfort and security.Residence life at ۲Ƶ University provides a balance between the educational and social needs of students, such as lectures and discussions, athletics, spiritual, social and cultural programs, and other experiences.۲Ƶ University operates regular and cooperative dormitories.  These dormitories provide comfortable living conditions for approximately 700 students.

վ:Room & Board Rates

Regular Dormitories

There are three regular dormitories for women and two for men.  These dormitories are directly supervised by dorm managers who are full-time staff of the University. Two identified regular dormitories provide accommodation for high school students: Davao Cottage for girls and Doltz Hall for boys.

The regular dormitories are the following:

  • Edith Carson Hall
  • Larena Hall
  • Woodward Hall
  • Vernon Hall
  • Doltz Hall
  • Davao Home
  • Kross Kat Dorm
  • Channon Hall
  • Pulido Pad
  • Woodward Hall Apartment

Cooperative Dormitories

There are two cooperative dormitories for women and three cooperative dormitories for men on the main campus. Cooperative dormitories have advisers who are either University staff or selected graduate students.

The residents undertake housekeeping and the planning of the food.  The adviser is authorized to collect the board money, which is payable two months in advance, and other incidental fees approved by SHRD and SPS. Lodging is paid direct to the Business and Finance Office.


The following are the cooperative dormitories on the main campus:


  • Azucena Cottage
  • Sampaguita Cottage


  • Ipil Cottage
  • Molave Cottage
  • Narra Cottage

Channon Hall – Now fully integrated with dorm system. There are more non-divinity female residents there. It’s considered a regular dorm  except that a cook prepares the fixed board

Occidental Hall – a guest dorm that accommodates semi transients for foreign students on short term special courses as well as alumni, friends and parents.

Davao Cottage – Dorm for high school girls.

Meals for Cooperative Dormitories– Payments are accepted upon entrance to the dormitory.

Additional Charges:

  1. Dorm Application Fee – P100.00
  2. **Aircon rooms plus actual electric consumption
  3. Damage Deposit – 1,000.00 for Reg. Dorms and  (Refundable P500.00 for Coop Dorms
  4. Use of electrical appliances
  5. All rooms w/fans plus 50.00/mo. Above the ordinary rooms

Schedule of Payments for Board & Lodging Fees

  1. Downpayment              -25% of the full payment + (100.00 processing fee if new applicant)
  2. Prelim Payment            -25% of the full payment
  3. Midterm Payment         -25% of the full payment
  4. Final Term Payment     -25% of the full payment

NOTE: Summer Term (full Payment) – 40% of the full payment

Admission Policies

Freshmen and sophomore students who are not from the city are given priority in accommodation.  Limited accommodation slots are available for juniors and seniors.  Admission is based primarily on good behavior with the final approval by the SHRD office.  Reservation for vacancies must be made prior to enrollment.

A dormitory applicant must:

  1. Submit a fully accomplished application form to the SHRD.
  2. Be personally interviewed by the SHRD head and/or his/her representative.
  3. Make the necessary down payment equivalent to 1/4 of the total semestral board and lodging fees and a processing fee of one hundred pesos (P100.00) at the Business and Finance.
  4. Present the official receipt of payment to SHRD.

Advisory:  For room assignment, residents are encouraged to see or call the dormitory manager on or before the enrollment period. No student should come to ۲Ƶ University expecting reserved space in the dormitory unless he has gone through the process indicated above.

Student Resident Counselors

Student resident counselors are upper-class residents designated as Big Brods and Big Sisters in their dormitories who assist students, especially freshmen and new students.  They are selected for their familiarity with campus and dormitory life, leadership experience, training, good academic performance and general desire to help students. Their responsibilities include helping freshmen with personal and academic problems, and other concerns that need action from the dormitory administration.

Dormitory Officers

Each dormitory is encouraged to elect officers in order to deliberate, decide and effect activities to enrich living experiences.  The governing body for each dorm varies, but generally consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, social chairperson, and religious life chairperson.  Dorm meetings, scheduled regularly throughout the school year, give residents a chance to become acquainted with one another, plan activities, discuss problems, and become acquainted with dormitory and campus activities.

All inquiries regarding dormitory service should be addressed to the Student Housing and Residence Division, Office of Student Personnel Services, at the Ground Floor, Hibbard Hall.

Schedule of Payments for Board and Lodging

  1. Down Payment                       – 25 % of the full payment + (Php 100.00 processing fee, if new applicant)
  2. Prelim Payment                      – 25 % of the full payment
  3. Midterm Payment                   – 25 % of the full payment
  4. Final Term Payment               – 25 % of the full payment
  5. Summer Term                         – Full Payment

Note: All rates are subject to change.

Additional Charges:

  1. Dorm Application Fee – Php100.00
  2. ** Actual electric consumption for air-conditioned rooms
  3. Damage Deposit (Refundable) – Php1,000.00 for Regular Dorms and Php500.00 for Cooperative Dorms
  4. Use of electrical appliances
  5. All rooms w/ fans include an additional Php50.00 per month

Withdrawal of Payments

Withdrawal from the dormitory for any reason other than sickness or physical injury should be done within the first week after the start of classes to avail of full refund of down payment less the processing fee. Students withdrawing after this period shall be charged as follows:

  1. If a student leaves the dorm before the first 15 days of classes, 25% of the semester lodging cost shall be charged.
  2. If a student leaves the dorm after the 15th day of classes, the latter shall be charged for the entire semester lodging cost.
  3. If a student moves in the dorm at the middle of the semester and withdraws, the counting of the first 15 days will start on the day he/she moves in the dorm.
  4. During summer school, 50% of the payments will be charged for withdrawal within the first three days of classes; 100% of the payment shall be charged after this period.
  5. In cases of payment refund, only residents who withdraw from the dormitory upon the recommendation/endorsement of the Dormitory Management and other reasons approved by the VPAA, one honorably withdraws from the University, will be granted refund.
  6. The Office of Student Services shall not endorse the University Clearance Form of the student if the charges are not fully paid.

A student withdrawing his/her dormitory space by reason of sickness or physical injury must submit a medical certificate and a clearance endorsed by the dormitory adviser/manager and head of the SHRD and approved by the Dean of Students. For withdrawal of enrolment, a copy of the leave of absence endorsed by the dean or principal and approved by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs must be submitted to the Office of the Student Affairs.

The Office of Student Affairs shall not endorse the University Clearance Form of the student if the charges are not fully paid.